You can easily fix your corrupt PST file areas using the PST repair software in simple clicks. Repair your user interface, calendar and collaboration, messaging, security and content management, contacts and Microsoft server support within simple steps.

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Requirements: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Repair Corrupted PST File

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular webmail client and it acts a private information manager. However, it is an email application; it can store contacts, notes tasks, calendar, journals and much other information about the user. So, to store all these information, a file is required and it is organized by the Personal Storage Table or PST file. It is normally used to store emails, attachments and all other attributes in a local storage folder on your system hard disk or external drive depending on where you want to save. Like any other file on your computer hard disk, this PST file may also be corrupted due to different reasons which result severe loss of your important information. So, if you want to repair the PST file containing valuable data, you must use some efficient tool. In this context, Fix PST tool is most appropriate to mend corrupt PST because it has all the features to repair corrupted file in all circumstances. Now, we will see some often scenarios which may be one of yours.

One of the most common reasons behind PST corruption is hardware problems like failure of data storage, power failure or network failure. The Outlook PST file may be corrupted due to storing the file in the hard drive that has some bad sectors. If file is saved in that bad sector, you cannot access the PST file or will be full of error if accessible. The PST file may be broken due to error in network connection or due to faulty network devices like router, hubs or interface cards when you accessing information from PST file of of the server. In addition, your PST file may be spoiled due to the sudden power failure in your computer when you accessing the file. In all these cases, you can repair the corrupted PST file using this advanced application successfully.

On another hand, there are also some software reasons behind PST file corruption. These are header corruption, Outlook up gradation, antivirus scanning etc. For safe use, you should close Outlook application after saving all changes on the PST file. But, if Outlook is closed suddenly when you are opening or accessing PST file there are many possibilities to corrupt the header of the file. Header may also be corrupted after unexpected system shut down or abrupt power failure. Then you can take assistance of the Outlook PST repair program to fix that corrupted file. Sometimes, we upgrade Microsoft Outlook with the newly updated version in our system. PST file gets corrupted after upgrading the Outlook due to the incompatibility of file while importing the PST file into the new version. The PST repair utility can also solve this issue easily in both Windows and Mac operating system.

Apart from all these, PST file get corrupted if the size of the file exceeds its maximum limit. The size of the PST file is different in various Outlook versions. In Outlook 2007 & 2003 it is 20 GB and 50 GB in Outlook 2010, though it is a large size it also be exceeded in case of a regular user. So, you should to be careful about the size of PST file otherwise it will be corrupted. If it happens, you should use the software to get a better result in oversized PST recovery. Using this tool, you can get back each and every attribute which are deleted or inaccessible due to virus infection in all version of Microsoft Outlook. If you want to restore contacts from your Outlook profile visit the link:

Follow the steps to repair corrupted PST file:

Step 1: Download and install PST file repair software in your system. On the Main Window there are three options: "Open PST files", "Find PST Files", "Select Outlook Profile" and select your appropriate options as shown in Fig A.

Mend Corrupt PST - Main Window

Fig A : Main Window

Step 2: On the next screen there will be two types of scanning method: "Normal scan" and "Smart scan" and use any one depending upon the severity of the corruption of the PST file. After that, browse the destination folder where you want to save the file after repair.

Mend Corrupt PST - Select scanning procedure window

Fig B : Select Appropriate Scanning Method

Step 3: After that, when the scanning will be finished you can preview data from repaired PST as shown in Fig C.

Mend Corrupt PST - Preview window

Fig C: Preview Repaired File

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Requirements: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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